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Sometimes it feels impossible to believe that “it is good to remain single.” — 1 Corinthians 7:8

In a world that glorifies romance and sex, many of us have fallen for the lie that singleness is second-best . . . or that even we are second-best compared to our married friends.

So how can you learn to believe singleness is good and truly experience its blessings?

How do you handle the loneliness, the desire for kids, or the heartache of breakups? How do you embrace what you have instead of wishing for the things you don’t?

As impossible as it may seem, singleness truly is as good as marriage.

If you’re wrestling with being content in your singleness, this book will provide empathy and encouragement while offering biblical truths and practical steps to help you combat that “grass-is-greener” syndrome. You don’t need to be married to live the abundant life Christ offers to all believers.

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